Special Needling Techniques for Rhinitis

Rhinitis is a common disease frequently encountered in acupuncture clinical practice. Some special needling techniques of amazing effects in treating this disorder will be discussed in detail through the following case study.

Female, 56 years

Main complain: Profuse nasal discharge in the nasal cavity, nasal obstruction, and dizziness for one month.

The patient had purulent nasal discharge which was yellowish and sticky. Nasal obstruction accompanying with hyposmia. Dizziness and tenderness of the glabellum. Dry mouth, Ozostomia, Thirst with inclination to drink, Constipation with dark scanty urine.

Examination: red tongue with yellow coating, slippery pulse.

Diagnosis: Bi Yuan (rhinitis)

Differentiation: Excessive heat of the lung and stomach

Points: Xiaguan(ST7), Yintang(Ex.), Chize(LU5), Fenglong(ST40)

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